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EGADS! Get a second or third opinion before having any surgery. I've struggled with sinus and allergy disorders for the last thirteen years and I would NEVER allow anyone to do surgery on my sinus's after the research I've done. The results from something like that could possibly REAlly RUIN YOUR LIFE, AS IT HAS MANY i'VE SPOKEN WITH.

I live in Ohio and most of my allergy symptoms are seasonal. My symptoms are gone for the time being, thanks to the shot, but they will disappear completly for the winter after we get a couple of good hard frosts, in about a month or so. Typically, my symptoms would begin in late April, but this past year I was fine until about the first of August. Ordinarily, I'm able to treat my symptoms with over-the-counter antihistimines and I'm fine. The last couple of years I didn't need a shot. This was an unusually bad year for pollena and ragweed, that and I work around a cat, so my symptoms were really bad. If I did not practice something called nasal irrigation, I would get one, or possibly several sinus infections each allergy season from the buildup of bacteria and pollen in my nasal cavity that accumulates if not removed. I used to get sinus infections a lot, but thanks to nasal irrigation I havent had one in five years or so.

I only got the shot this year because I was desperate.Many can't comprehend the severity of some of the symptoms, the listlessness being the worst.

I can't say whether you would benifit from a shot or not but I would encourage you to talk to others in your area and get a referral for a good allergist. My allergies are severe enough to warrant being on shots and I should have gone on them years ago but I've been resisting. I'm in sort of a catch 22 myself. Most of the year I'm fine. The home I live in now is free of mold, praise the Lord, and I have no pets. From Nov. to April I do pretty well.

My sinus problem related to the weather is a differen't story. When it rains, and when it goes from rainy to dry, I have severe sinus headaches and pressure all over my head. It is often accompanied by Vertigo. The change in the barometric air pressure is what causes this. Some days I'm fine, other days I'm bedridden from sinus pain. The only thing that will help this is for me to move to a coastal city that has clean air, where the air pressure is more constant. When I vacation at the place where I plan to move down the road, I'm fine. All of my symptoms disappear, including my allergy symptoms. The pollens and molds are differen't in this area and don't seem to have much of an effect on me. I am planning to move. I need to move, however I am presently unable to do so for a number of reasons so I'll continue to trust and wait on the Lord. He has provided for me in some absolutly amazing ways and is continuing to take good care of me. My hope is in Him and I know everything will be Ok because He is in control.

Seriousy though, check out some websites and talk to people who have had sinus surgery. The sinus's are extremely delicate and surgery could be a real disaster. I would exhaust all of my options before even contemplating such a drastic move. There is a site called The Dizzy Lounge. I visited it in the past for some support for my vertigo symptoms. I would recommend speaking with the lady who operates the site, I think her name is Jill. She has a lot of experience in dealing with those who have had, or are contemplating sinus surgery. There are other sites too. Some peoples lives have really been ruined from sinus surgery so please take heed.

If you have problems with sinus drainage and recurring sinus infections you might want to give nasal irrigation a try. You have to be careful when you do this, because if it isn't done correctly it could lead to other symptoms.

Is there any chance you could be living or sleeping in a moldy enviornment?Do you have dust mites in your home that could be causing a problem? I lived in a small house for about four years that had extensive water damage over the years. It was an older home and the baseboards, walls and basement were FULL of mold. You could smell it when you walked in the door. The mold caused me to experience recurring upper respiratory infection, ear infections and the like. It was awful. When the ground was frozen for a couple of months I was OK but the infections didn't stop until I moved. There was too much mold in the home for me to ever begin to remove.
Even new homes and apartments can be succeptable to mold so if you haven't had this checked out, you might want to look into it.

Sorry to go on and on, just thought it might help you or someone else who reads this to share some of my experiences with these types of illnesses.

Best wishes.

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