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Hello all!

I have a question about food allergies and intolerances. I am 22, and have had lifelone problems with generalized and health-related anxiety. I had been doing pretty well without medication until a few months ago.

At that time, I developed intermittent nausea, from mild to very severe. I was very worried about this, and of course my anxiety made the nausea much worse. I also started to develop a mild red, non-itchy rash at the corners of my mouth and nose.

I went to a GP and then a GI, and they did blood tests, an abdominal ultrasound, and an endoscopy and pronounced me healthy. Of course the nausea continued, and the rash has gotten worse. My doctor started me on Lexapro for the anxiety, which has helped the nausea somewhat but which makes the nausea worse when the dosage gets bumped up.

My GP is not really interested in discussing this, but I wonder if all of these things might be related to an allergy, intolerance, or deficiency. (Luckily I'm moving soon and will find a new GP!)

I stopped eating meat at the beginning of the summer, and replaced it with fairly large quantities of soy and dairy for protein. My father-in-law, a dermatologist, suggested the rash could be from a deficiency, so I have started eating meat again (about 2 weeks ago) and thus cut back on my soy intake. I have also started taking B-vitamins, magnesium, and calcium.

Like I said, the nausea is not as bad as it was, but still continues, and the rash is still there. I have started keeping a detailed food diary. I am wondering about sensitivities to wheat, soy, dairy, and yeast, as I eat these just about every day (although since eating meat again I have cut back on soy to only trace amounts, no tofu or anything like that). I started an elimination diet of these today, hoping to find *something* to feel better.

Does anyone have any advice or resources for me? I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks so much for reading this!
Best wishes,

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