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Re: Have a problem
Jun 25, 2002
Tara, hi how was your b-day? Sorry to hear your not feeling well :( You know what? My daughter (13) gets this too! Now recently I caught a real bad upper chest, phlemy, rattling type of sinus cold. It was stange and bad. I only say it was a cold because I was coughing my head off! It lasted a month! Went to the chiropractor yesterday coz I put my neck out coughing so bad about 5 weeks ago. My neck still feels out, I couldn't lay on my stomach for the chiro to put me in, coz I've been sore on top since mamogram April, 5th.Yeowch.

I've been on the watercure diet for about 3 1/2 months and I'm sure that towards the end of the cold I had last month, it was really starting to kick in. Now It works everytime. No more sinus problems and sore throat, no more chest congestion, rattling, or dehydration problems either.

I've posted many times about the book 'Your bodies many cries for water', Author: F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
He has also got a book called,'ABC of Allergies & Lupus.

I know money is tight at this time for you, Maybe the local library has one or both of these books. Do you have a library card. At our library, if they don't have the book in stock, they can order it from another library. Hope your feeling better soon. :( I know just how you feel.
ps. this is really cheap to try. I suppose that's why the surgeon general doesn't endorse it. (or his bosses anyway) You don't make money on this, it's too cheap to do, and it cures too, not just mask the symtoms with another medication.

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