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Re: Uticaria x 2?
Mar 31, 2001
Have they sent you to a Rheumatologist? Dermatologist? Urticaria is a symptom of many auto-immune diseases (since you also have the other symptoms like the sore joints, don't give up with just a diagnosis of urticaria).

I have been through a batter of tests and paraded past a half dozen specialists, but it was my family doctor that decided to chech my thyroid and some other little things, last month because I am also feeling 'worn out'.

Because my results came back indicating an under active thyroid, she sent me back to check it again, and also had them test for thyroid antibodies (I didn't know that was being tested for). After reading a post here relating thyroid to hives I've been doing research, and found that with auto-immune thyroid diseases hives (urticaria) is very common!

I went in yesterday to get the results back on my thyroid, and told my doctor about the relationship of thyroid disease and hives. Well, she pulled out the test results and the levels thyroid hormone are normal right now, however the antibody tests said I have Hashimoto's Disease!

I finally now why I have the "fat face", etc!

[quote]Originally posted by malaka:
Yeah, I had all the same symptoms as you: swollen eyes/lips, sore joints, hives. After tons of tests, I was diagnosed with Uticaria (not MVP, hypothyroid, etc.). I suppose getting a second opinion wouldn't hurt, though.

This sucks. I'm 27. I've been healthy and active my whole life. Since this crap started, I had to give up working-out and most of my sports (sore joints). Social life has changed, too. I'm always scared to crash at someone's house for fear of waking up with "fat-face". Work sucks, too. Sitting in a board room, explaining your proposal, and knowing that everyone in the room is staring at your lips. *sigh*

I hear you!!! I've been through the boardroom meetings and know exactly how they were looking at you. They look concerned, but won't ask for fear of embarrassing you...but your lip is just sooooo fat that they *can't* take there eyes off of it!

I finally told the owner of my company about it, and he was so amazing!

Good luck to you as well, and don't give up. There is a corresponding cause for the effect!

I am thrilled to know that I have Hashimoto's, it definately could have been worse!

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