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Itchy/sore throat
Dec 30, 2002
Can someone tell me what this is? I started out with a scratchy throat. Then it got a little worse. (My 17 year old said that she just had sinus drainage and was about to lose her voice)didn't make sense...but, I go on...then, I would have sinus pain a little bit on one side and now I am experiencing drainage down my throat, and now my throat and ears itch! What is that all about? I do have asthma the soreness of my throat seems to make my breathing a little tighter. I am worse at night and early in the morning. I sleep with my mouth open. Now my throat doesn't hurt but it is red a little bit. Can you have sinus drainage that makes your throat red withOUT hurting? Not sure what is going on. We have had weather flucuations like you wouldn't believe! Yesterday it was in the middle 60's but at night it alternates with being really cold or really mild. We are suppose to get snow in 2 days but they always seem to miss. It has been VERY windy also. Any ideas of what is going on with me? I don't run a temp either. (Thank God!)
Yes, you can have a dry scratchy throat without having a sore throat with pain.

Use a vaporizor in room where you sleep to help moisten the air. I have found 1/2 teaspoon of plain Robitussin taken at bedtime with no drink afterward helps keep sinus drainage down the throat thinned and helps to prevent the throat problem. My peditrician had me to give this to our children so I decided to try it for myself and it works.

Also, elevate head of bed 6". Now try to stay up in the bed!! I always slide down, however, the elevation is suppose to help the sinus drainage problem.

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