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Re: Nasal Cautery
Dec 31, 2002
Your dr definitely should have told you to refrain from blowing your nose. With cuaterization, the clot has to have time to form a scab, and then the scab has to completely heal. Then, and only then, should you blow your nose. I have had my nose cuaterized several times over the years, and my dr always tells me to wait about 7-10 days before blowing my nose hard. Very gentle blowing is alright after the first few days. One winter though, my dr had to cuaterize the same spot about 2 or 3 times because it just did not heal properly and kept bleeding very badly. It was quite embarassing to be at work and have a customer tell me that I better go to the bathroom because my nose was bleeding. After that episode, I went to the dr again and he had to cuaterize it and pack it in order to stop the bleeding. The packing stayed in for about 3 days. It was really annoying to have gauze in my nose, but it worked. If all else fails, your dr may have to pack your nose. Also, after the cuaterization heals completely, you may want to try something like Ayrs Nasal Gel to keep your nose nice and lubricated during these dry winter months.

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