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It seems I took Motrin on one occasion and drank orange juice with the Motrin..then I had a bad reaction.. top upper lip started going numb eyelid .. I had citric acid night before (Sparkling grape juice)and wonder if that attributed to this..along with the OJ. Another nite I took ASpirin and same thing happened but worse! facial swelling and under eye was all swollen looked edematous..and whole right eye swollen upper lid all swollen around eye too.. Went to allergist..he didnt do a food allergy panel on me thinks its my sinuses.(had some sinus headaches etc.)but doesn't know why I get the numbness in my lip! Did some blood work and called it a day! He wasn't very helpful. I feel so frustrated! I never had a reaction like this to stuff like that.. I also get hives at night time and break out in hives or raises bumps and itch like crazzy all over my stomach chest and back of legs........... help!! is it jsut dust?? I cant figure it out.

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