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I can really identify with what you are going through. Same with me... This past 2 months, I have had terrible battle with this type of pressure sensations. where I never experienced this before. I am 42 years old.
Mine are on my eyes too... and also ears and sometimes the top of my head.
I saw an ENT and have been on Flonase, antibiotics (10 days), and allergy medication for about 4 weeks now. The Flonase really helped at first, but now when the pressure is bad, it doesn't seem to do much. Did you have a CT scan or MRI of your sinuses? I did and it showed I do have inflammation in my sinus cavities by my eyes/nose area. I have been on the Internet everyday, trying to find a magic answer to all this, b/c I cannot imagine living like this forever. It is very depressing, and the sad thing is that nobody seems to understand (even doctors) how debilitating it is. People seem to think it's a minor thing, but unless you are going through this, you don't realize how terrible it is. It is life-changing. I am normally an active and a positive-thinker when it comes to my health. I don't feel a lot of compassion from people, since it's not a brain tumor or something like that. I guess I had the same opinion, prior to having sinus problems. Anyway, my hunch is that our sinus cavities are inflamed, due to a reaction to something in our environment (mold, dust, dander, dust mites, etc). They are inflamed, so our sinuses become blocked. I am now trying to stay faithful to my allergy medication, and be on it around the clock. Also, I am going to get away from my home environment during Thanksgiving for 5 days... maybe, that will tell me if it is something in my environment that I am allergic to.
When you change environments, does it help? The ideal situation would to stay somewhere on the beach, where you can get the salt air to help cleanse your sinuses. Anyway, I don't know what advice I can give, but maybe to change your environment as a test. Take care and good luck.

Questions about your eyes: Do your eyes ache and feel tire easily now, from all the pressure? Mine do. I also hear a clicking somtimes, when I blink. Sounds like the clicking you hear in your neck, when you have a stiff neck. And thskin is saggy on my eyeballs. Have any of that? ... and my vision does not seem as crisp and clear. I'm going to the opthamologist soon, to ensure none of this is damaging to my eyes.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for responding,

Yes I had a CT of my sinuses twice and the doctor said I had some build up in my right cavity, but nothing really out of the norm, or nothing serious. I've had the same luck with Flonase and other products, they seem to help a little at first but are non-effective after a few days or so. My eyes feel tired very easy too from all the pressure.

I have a few questions for you. Do you smoke? And if so, does it make the pain/pressure worse. It did for me so I quit smoking. When you first started having these problems, did you have any fever? Well I did. Doctor said I had sinusitis and treated me for that. Treatment helped, no more fever, but everything else never went away. Because of the pressure, do you have dark circles under your eyes and eyelids? My eyes have never been dark before until this first started. There dark above and below my eyes. They also have a hint of reddish in them since theyíre a little puffy and swollen. Does your pain/pressure seem to get worse as the day goes on? Well mine does. Especially at work. I always look like Iím "under the whether" or "need to get rest". This has affected my life tremendously. I wouldn't wish this on anybody. The only thing that seems to get me some relief is regular over-the-counter allergy/sinus pills. The pressure/pain also seems to get worse if Iím around my dog for too long. One last thing, do you only feel pressure? Or do you also feel pain?

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