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[QUOTE=Akita12]Darkman + the whole world,

I have the exact same symptoms.
I am 23, have been in perfect health all of my life.
This 'sickness' stresses me out more than anything has in my entire life.
This pain started 7 months ago.

aside from the look,
Are your eyes burning? Mine constantly burn----constantly.
This is the most annoying part of everything.
Have you ever had a dry- chalky type build-up in the back of your throat (slightly red throat)
and breath smell kind of bad?

You have a lot of the same symtoms that I have.
My eyes looks really dark around the eye, eyelids, and when you look at me from the side,
my eyes look really 'hazed' ---dark.

I usually have to cutt my days short because I just look rough as hell at the end of the day.
I hide at my apartment, watching tv in the dark.
I have to get tons of sleep and even if I drink just a couple of beers during the week, the next day,
everyone at work thinks I have been up all night.

I have always been a really confident person (even have friends tell me that a lot of people think that I am even too confident/cocky to hang out with)
This 'sickness' has really lowered my self esteem.
And NO ONE understands what I am going through.

Have spent tons of money trying to get to the bottom of it.
Physician has given me allegra, amoxicilan, even cipro (the stuff used for anthrax patients)
Othamologist has ran expensive blood test on me, glaucoma, macul, dry-eyes syndrome.
started to get headaches---went and got a CT scan----Nothing
I have been so 'wierded out' about this -- I even got an HIV test.
No one knows the anwser and the doctors really piss me off.

I just look like I am sick all of the time.
I cannot take it anymore---I will do anything!

no sneezing, runny nose, etc.
When I breath in sometimes hairsrays, cologne, it seems like the smell really opens up my nostrils and it burns
almost like I am smelling something like a vapor.

Is the skin around your eyes really sensitive to touch, like a layer of it has been stripped off?

Lets talk about this, we have a lot of the same symptoms.
What to do?[/QUOTE]

Hey Akita12,

Thanks for the reply. Looks like we do have alot of the same symptoms. I have been very healthy most of my life and like you also very confident. I lost my self-esteem along time ago. I just don't understand it either. "Why Me?!?!" I also had a HIV test just because I was freakin out since nothing the doctors gave me helped and they don't seem to no what they are doing! You have some symptoms I don't have: My eyes don't constantly burn, no dry chalky build-up in the back of throat, and my eyes are not really sensitive to touch. However, My eyes do burn and itch every now and then.

Do you have any sinus pain/pressure around your eyes, just below your eyes or in your cheeks? I always feel some pressure and pain in those areas. And I get worst as the day progresses. My eyes always feel like they are strained. Eyes, eye lids, and under my eyes are always dark and a bit puffy/swollen. Some days are better then others, BUT I have not been myself since this first started happening. People just don't understand how this affects your life!

I've tried so many prescriptions and allergy pills, but NOTHING seems to work! SO frustrating! I'm hoping to find answers here. I recently brought an air purifier and put it in my room (2 days ago). It seems to be helping. I feel like itís helping break up whatever guke I have in my sinus cavities. Will see. I'm gonna also try some of the suggestions I've read in this post. I think you should too.

I'm trying to be more positive about all this and hope to find the solution! We will get to the bottom of this. Thanks very much for replying.

P.s. sounds like you might have allergy eyes. I remember reading about it and you have some of the symptoms.

Keep in touch!

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