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Re: Dizzy Episodes
Mar 24, 2003
I have had similar problems. Dissyness, rapid heart beat, eyes going out of focus, ringing in my ears. I know I have allergies. I was taking psudonephine (sp) for some time along with ibuprofen. My arms also had pain. I got very concerned when my arms started hurting. My PC doctor said the are pain was tendinitus (sp). My ears had some fluid in them, which was the cause for the ringing. The rapid heartbeat was from the psudonephrine. (washed down with copius amounts of coffee) I went to an allergist for a brain/sinus scan which came up negative. I also had a hearing test. Which showed some small amount of hearing loss. I also had a allergy test. The allergy test showed I was allergic to everything. I have seasonal allergies bad, in every season. I started taking zertech (sp). My ears have stopped ringing for the most part as well as my rapid heartbeat. I have also been getting two shots allergy every other week (desensitize.)I also noticed I can now smell better. I only take the zertech when the sinuses get bad because zertec makes me real irritated/ anxious. I not fun to be around. I also redesigned my computer workstation with the help of a erogonomic consultant. The sore arms are gone. I found after talking around the office that many of my co-workers had similar problems. The company was inspired :) to bring in the coonsultant. Hope this helps.

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