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Usually the diet is stripped all but one safe food and then later only one other food introduced. If no reaction in about 2 weeks then another food introduced. This is a way to weed out food allergies without having tests done. Wheat takes 6 weeks to get out of the system. Each time you react to a food, wait a few weeks until after all signs of reaction are gone before trying another food.

My dermatologist told me recently that if I wanted to test for allergy, tape a small piece of what I wanted to test to my inner upper arm and do not get wet. Leave there 48 hours. If the area turns red then I am allergic if not then it is safe. I just tested an antibiotic for face applying every morning and night for 1 week before using on face.

This may help you.

As far as inhalent allergies, it is difficult. I use Beconase Spray and take Chlortrimeton which is a plain anahistamine. I also use salt water solution to irrigate sinuses. 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 cup boiling water. Dissolve, drain thru paper coffee filter, cool, put into clean nasal spray bottles. Replace every week since there is no preservatives. I add 1 or 2 drops of plain glycerin to each bottle to keep it from being too drying to nasal passages. To use, lie on back with head hanging off bed, put few squirts in each nostril, massage cheeks, turn head slowly from side to side few times, say "KKKK" while getting up so solution does not run down throat. Use morning and night.

I also use plain Robitussin before bed to keep throat from getting sore from sinus drainage. Pedetrician had me to use this on our children and I decided if it was good for them it would be good for me. It works, because it thins mucous in throat during the night.


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