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[QUOTE=beerzoids]I've read your notes about nasal irrigation, and that it is very effective, and has made a difference in your life. If I am not mistaken, you irrigate around three times a day.

Could the reason you have to irrigate so often is because you have a low grade sinus infection? Low grade sinus infections can reek havoc with our immune systems over time.

OTOH, it is remarkable that you have found a way to deal with your allergies through irrigation.

When I have an allergic reaction, it also can make me lethargic, and feel sickly. When you eat chicken, do you get a little sluggish after eating? Does you blood pressure still go up after eating chicken?

I have always wondered if I had a low grade sinus infection. I know I cannot skip an irrigation in the morning or at night, sometimes I do one at lunch, I just feel so much better. But the runny nose and stuffiness is right around the corner if I do not irrigate. Before irrigating, dairy was the worst affect on me. Runny nose, flushed face, high blood pressure, then irritability and anxiety later on. Just as I was disovering irrigation Chicken and turkey were having the same effects but a notch higher. I was actually scared to eat chicken becasue of the adverse reaction I would get. About feeling sluggish, when I did not irrigate, I would get sluggish, take a tylenol sinus and lay down for a few hours. Now that I irrigate my reaction is way less than when I did not irrigate. I am just aware that the chicken is bothering me & I should take it easy. I have tried the peroxide & salt & baking soda, but only standing up. It did burn some, but my next step is to try a little bit with my head backwards. It is a journey and I am always willing to try different processes. I like the idea that my sinuses could have an infection, would explain why I am could get so stuffy without irrigation. After irrigating I turn my head side to side and get water out of the right side only. Irrigating since May 03, I know my sinuses are getting better as the left side is starting to drain a little after I irrigate. Makes me think the sinuses are breaking up and there are more places for the water to go.
Try nasal irrigation called Jala Neti, it is one of the forms of Yoga called Hatha. The process cleanses the sinuses using sea salt mixed in water. No drugs! Here is a good article on stages 1, 2 & 3. I add baking soda to this as recommended by my allergist. Baking soda helps break up the phelm. [url][/url] There are other therapies in there that I do not practice and can only laugh at. But, it is all powerful stuff.
This is what you may be looking for to alleviate your suffering. My life has changed for the best! I have been doing stage 1 since May 03 and have just started stage 2. I am excited about the results as I was when I 1st tried stage 1. It is awesome. When I started stage 1 the very next day I could eat chicken, dairy, & drink coffee again, all of which I am allergic too. No more uncontrollable sneezing, running nose, rashes, sleepless nights, etc. Stage 2 has given me a greater sense of health as more junk is coming out of my sinuses. This is just day 2 and WOW I feel fantastic. In 7 months I have not had a chest cold or sinus infection & I take NO allergy medicine. I have more energy to do the things in life that were impossible at one time in my life. When you try irrigating, you will experience this energy shift, it is wonderful. It is one of the affects of Yoga. I look at this as a journey and I get stronger every day and I have a smile on my face that just won't go away. David

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