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Well, as the subject says I am on a quest to figure out why I feel so awful everyday.

My main symptoms are dizziness/lightheadedness, which gets worse when I move my head around or bend my head down and pick it up. And I have this annoying jittery feeling; like I had too much caffeine or too much cold medicine. I do have pretty bad sinus feeling headaches and am a bit congested. My face feels puffy and I have a hard time getting my thoughts out sometimes. I also have this "high" or "buzzed" feeling as well. Of course, I am tired and have some muscle weakness too. I even have some blurred vision.

The ENT Dr. thinks it is my sinuses and I am scheduled for a CT scan of my head. He ruled out inner ear problems, but I do have ear pain and clogged ears as well. Not sure that is a symptom of sinus problems.

I feel like I am progressivley getting worse and have very few "good" days. However, I would say that I am still pretty positive and don't feel too depresses, I just want to feel like myself again.

The thing is these symptoms fit, labbyinthitis, hypoglycemia, or thyroid disorder.

Any insight would be very helpful.

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