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I would appreciate any response to this posting. Any ideas at all. Can numbness in your face and different parts of your body be a reaction to something? Basically, I've had weird eye numbness and pain for 3 months now which eye docs. can't figure out (no vision problems). Now I have roving numbness in above body locations and also have swollen sore throat and lips. Last night at a movie with a friend, I was drinking camomile tea from a take-out cup and slowly over about an hour half my face and lips went numb and I felt like I couldn't swallow ( my throat felt swollen). I had a bit of a melt-down (crying) since I was freaked out about what was happening. This morning everything felt fairly normal again until this afternoon, when the same thing happened ( a bit less intense) with another take-out tea. I am waiting for an MRI, but have requested to be sent to an allergist soon. My regular doctor has done blood work and can't find anything (lupus, diabetes, etc.). Could I have some strange food/drink allergies that is causing all of this? My throat feels like someone has their hands wrapped around it. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts out there...

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