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Hi Dawn,
Hmmn, looks like you have been putting up with a lot. From what I remember from my chats with my ENT Dr the lining in my nose is non existent, the result of too many infections. Can't think of the name but it starts with an E.
Sometimes allergies are not environmental at all, perhaps it is a food you are eating. If I have wine I have a sinus reaction, my nose starts running and my face goes red. If you are sensitive to things your bodies defence system (mast cells and histimine to name just a few) activate.
I use a saline nasal wash as well and as you say the inside of the nose feels quite raw. Remember too that some of the products we put up our noses have preservatives or alcohol in them so even these can cause sensitivities.
You are right about the tests - they are unreliable, it took more than one attempt with me. The staph infection that I repeatly get is very common. My infections always start with a raging sore throat. As I have GERD my ENT Dr suspects that I might be refluxing into my sinuses during my sleep as I have quite severe reflux. I am on a lot of medication to reduce the acid. In February sometime I am going to have an acid study done to see if the stomach acid is reaching my sinuses. This is very forward thinking by my ENT Doc - and my Immunologist and Gastro Dr agree that is worth ruling out. Have you had your eosinophils levels checked? This is a marker for allergies. These days I do most of my own research and take my ideas to my Drs. In fact one of my Drs encourages me to do my own detective work as he is being honest when he tells me he has so many patients he hasn't got the time to devout to all of us. I also feel that this gives me some control over my own body and this helps me accept all that is going on. I hope I have given you some ideas to work on. Keep on looking as the truth is out there :)

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