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Hi Vincent
I've been doing nasal irrigations for about 3 weeks. It does not appear to be helping me. My symptoms have been pretty steady since last October. Actually they came and went from October - December, but since January they've never gone away. Sometimes they get worse, but once that "bad episode" passes, I'm left with varying degrees of pain, pressure, headaches, and the lightheadedness. I am supposed to have sinus surgery b/c we decided something has to change...I can't be this sick I am PRAYING it helps. Before that, my ENT is sending me for a Neurology consult to rule out other reasons for the headaches, so more waiting. I think this all started after some Oral Surgery I had last fall. I was not able to blow my nose for a couple weeks, and I think I may have gotten a sinus infection. This winter was so dry, the congestion never drained and they believe that even though my 3rd CT Scan shows no more congestion, the lining of my sinuses has thickened. This, in addition to a deviated septum, is what they are going to attempt to address with the surgery. I am a little scared b/c I hear it can be painful and results are uncertain. However, I HAVE to take the chance b/c this obviously isn't getting better on it's own or with all the meds and crap I've been on for months. How long have you felt this way? Have you had a history of sinus infections?

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