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Re: Help for hives
Nov 24, 2003
[QUOTE=supermom802]My 10 year old daughter has had what I think is a severe allergic reaction 3 times in the past 6 months. Her face and eyes swell. She goes on prednisone and zyrtec. This started for the third time this past Friday and the prednisone did not help even after the doctor increasedthe dosage to 20 mg-4 times per day. She has severe ithching and looks like she has a very bad sunburn. She is stabilized within 4 days but not improving. I am supposed to go to a dermatologist but I'm told I have to wait 2 months for an appointment. I am trying to fight this battle today. I can't figure what has caused this. I have not changed soap or detergent. She has not been outside for about 10 days. The doctors think that it is not a food allergy because the inside of her mouth is not affected. Any advice? I'm trying to get in with an allergist, too.[/QUOTE]

Hi, I experience something similar last year where I woke up and my eye lids and areas around my eye and cheeks were red and swollen. I think mine was a reaction to dust after cleaning out the garage. It lasted a long time - close to 8 months...I have had hives come and go and they last a long time too. Don't ever know what the cause is either. My dermtologist gave me a prescription of Elidel (for ecezma, inflammation of the skin) helped. Putting cold compresses and not scratching helps too.

I have had on Zyrtec years ago due to hives on the body (due to a stressful situation in my life) and all it did was knock me to sleep. I took a lot of oatmeal baths too because I was constantly itchy. It seems like only "time" can get rid of this. Also, I am sure she feels "ugly" (because I sure did), which causes stress and makes it worse - it is a vicious cycle.

Don't wait for your appointments - get another doctor. I think having to wait 2 months is ridiculous! By the way, food allergy does not always affect the inside of your mouth. Everyone reacts differently. I am allergic to 4 food groups - I get congested and only once have I felt my mouth/throat itchy - my voice was changing at the dinner table! When they tested me for food allergies, I went to a Nose/Throat/Ear doctor - took a blood test and had me write all the things I normally ate. Went on an elimination diet for about 3 months and ever since I have not the congestion the same way.

Hope this helps...


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