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Because an allergy is caused by your body thinking that the substance is a poison or foriegn body, there really is not much they can do. Even if they could "turn off" your imune system, you would then be suceptible to every illness in existence and have no way to fight it. Perhaps some day they will be able to pinpoint exactly what mediators carry the response to certain thing and be able to "turn them off", but until then, all they can do is supress them, thus your Allegra. It is just like anything else that makes you sick (flu, cold) your body has to fight it as it know how.

I know that SOME allergies can be "cured" by strict avoidance of the allergen for many years, but not all. Trust me, I completely understand your frustration. I am sick of my elimination diet, and sick of havig to give my baby and my todler hydroxizine every day. I am sick of seeing our epi-pens knowing that I will probably have to use one on one of the kids one day.

My daughter has nut and cat allergies - two that are known for getting worse, not better with time. My son, who is only 5 months old, has deadly milk and rice allergies, as well as who knows what else. These might go away, or they might not, due to the severity. I wish there were some magic to make them all go away ... but in all the research I have done there is none besides shots for seasonal allergies, which of course dont always work.

Angel, et al

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