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Thanks! I stumbled across this BBS this evening while continuing my furtive search (as you folks all can relate)...I'm an adjunct lecturer...we have always had the job hazard of sinus infections from the papers we grade. I got one in March. And this time: mother of all dizziness (6 months now), eyeglue, you name it...and..well you know. All tests (3 MD's) point to viral, so I'm taking notes from you. I noted that the more I moved, regardless of the vertigo and stomach upset, the better. I appreciate the mention of liquids...I must drink more, and less coffee.

Enough of the repetition. I must mention, though, I have been studying Taiji and martial arts for years. Of course I let up on my forms when dizzy. Can't do that....waddled, weaved my way to the park today and did the form...felt MUCH better...must quit putting it off.

I'll be lurking. Thanks so much for being here. One thinks the worst, ya know...and this makes the imagination just plain settle down.

My best to all as we weave our way through life..gosh I'm glad I found this board... :bouncing:

ffurgy****gruffy (from the Mad Hatters table)

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