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[QUOTE=Hogan Grimm;76302]Hello all. I am new to this board,and have read through all of the posts in the hives thread, and the one that asks, Does anyone else have urticaria? First off I guess I should start with a little history about myself.
I am 38 year old male. About 3.5 years ago I started having problems with breaking out into hives. At first it wasn't very bad. It started under the skin of the palms of my hands along with uncontrolable itching in that area. At first I thought I might have picked up some sort of fungis. I tried washing my hands with bleach, comet, you name it I tried it. Within a few weeks it got progressively worse. I started breaking out in hives all over my arms, face, back, legs, feet, you name it I broke out there. After so long a time of this happening, I started to suffer from dermatograghisim. My allergy doctor says the reason I have dermatographisim is because I have an over accumulation of mast cells due to having the condition I suffer from. Ok that is a breif history. Now let me get a little more indepth. I'm not going to lie and say I have lived a perfect healthy life because I haven't. What I am going to try to do is see if with the help of anyone else on this board is give a wide spectrum of this problem and mabe just mabe we can come up with some answers. First off I am an alcoholic. I drank for a lot of years everyday for about ten years,(Beer only) even after this started happening to me. Although I did cut down on my drinking after a year of this happening to me. I started to just drink on the weekends, finally I stopped drinking all together. The 8th of this month will be one year. Even though I have stopped, it hasn't helped me stop breaking out. But at least that is one thing I have eliminated, which could have been a possible cause for myself that is. I have changed my entire way of living, that is if you want to call what we go through living. In my case I try to live as healthy as I can. Now to keep this from being so long and drawn out, what I would like to do is keep this tread going. I would like any and everybody with this condition to band together, put our collective knowledge on the table and see if we can come up with some answers as to what we might do to stop this once and for all. Don't be afraid to post, don't hold anything back. I want anyone and everyone to know who has this problem, you are not alone. We can help one another, as long as we stick together. Please don't let this thread fizzle out like the hives thread did. Lastly, I just want to let you all know, I know how hard it is going through life like this, (man do I know) there is no quality of life for us. For all of you who have suffered from this longer than I have, my heart goes out to you. As we stand now, we know there is no cure, But if we work together mabe we can come up with ways to get the medical community to work harder on finding one. I'm sure you will agree. even one day of going through this is to long. Remember the old saying. United we stand, divided we fall. Let's be united.
Hogan Grimm

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Hello, I am joining the gang! I have had this horrible condition for 2 years, this go-round. Previously, I had it for 6 years and it subsided very, ver gradually, then I had to take an antibiotic for a breast infection and after Iwas done with the course, it activated it again. Previousl to taking this drug, I was beginning to itch. It has been horrible, I have had dermagraphia soooo bad, then it somewhat simmered down, but I still have itch sensations all over and hives come and go. Some remain for days. It has disrupted my life big time. I am currently not taking anything. took Allegra for 1 year, did nothing at all. I have severe anxiety, mainly now due to the condition. I had anxiety before this because my mother died suddenly and I could not get over the way it happened. then I was stuck wit the burden of taking care of my father who was difficult and sickly. I was very angry, I don't knoe it this had anything to do with making things worse, but the condition itself causes more perpetuation, due to the anxiety it causes to the sufferer. It is a viscious cycle. Maybe if the cycle is broken, that could help. I have recently forced myself to excercise, walking 3 miles per day and stretching. I am going to look into supplement. but not from some holistic practioner pushing therm on me, I am going to intuitivley know which are good. I have been to 2 allergists, 2 dermatologists, and many, many holistic practitoners who could not help at all. I did see an ayurvedic doctot in New York City but I never followed along his protocol. Please feel free to email me at [email][email protected][/email] if you have any new ideas, and I will continue to come back to the thread.

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