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I was told that Labrynthitis can last longer than 3 months. For the first 3 weeks I had very bad vertigo and a very congested head. I felt horrible for 2 !/2 months -malaise, fatigue, tremors and motion sick. I couldn't drive or watch T.V. without getting motion sick. Now I also have ETD. I'm not sure if the virus has anything to do with this problem or if it is just from the allergies. I'm much better now about 98% better.
Caffeine,alcohol, sugar and salt do effect those with Lab because they cause inflammation of the labyrinth and it makes you feel worse. If you have Lab it's best to stay away from these things for a while.
Everytime I had something with salt or sugar I felt terrible. I haven't had coffee in about 4 years. Having salt and sugar now doesn't bother me at all.
I had an audiogram, a pressure test, tuning fork test, and a few other tests but I can't remember their names. Everything came back normal. The only problem I'm facing now is the ETD. There is negative pressure that is making me feel sick at times especially after a car ride. The car is air tight and I can feel the pressure on my ear drums. The Eustachian Tubes aren't equalizing the pressure causing discomfort. I think PE tubes may be the only solution. What are all the symptoms you get? Has any ENT diagnosed you with ETD? Has any ENT suggested PE tubes?
Nick[/QUOTE] well, it started on sept 1,(i think) had a sinus infection and was up all night motion sick, thought it was something i ate. about 4 days later i felt like i was spiking a fever but never did. the next week i had a cold it lasted about two weeks and the next week had 3 dizzy spells in a 14 hour period, never vertigo, from then on it was motionsickness and hot flashy feelings, my vision was off and i felt creepy, all the way through oct off and on, nov seemed better until the night of the 13th i was up all night motion sick,(did this happen to you) scince then i have just had mild motion sick feelings, actually almost none, but sat night i felt like i was falling back while trying to sleep.and again the next morning weird sensations.(can you relate)
i can feel fluid in my right ear and both crack and pop.
my ent did not even look in my ears last monday, i will ask him to check them and tell him about the fluid again. what did your ent say the lenght could be? did the ent say for you to avoid the food and drink? can you feel fluid in your ear? i am going crazy as i have no diagnosis cuz my ent says labs does not start and stop and does not last longer than 6 weeks.
i dont know what to think! how do you know when it is gone.....i want to drink coors light and celabrate the holidays but i am scared to eat or drink anything. did your lab start and stop? i have a client who had tubes as an adult and she loved it, they eventually fell out and she is fine. thanks for all your help, cant wait for the reply! lib
p.s. where do you live, where is your ent?

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