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Hi there -
Thanks for posting more - I realize that for some, the irrigating might be easier even if they're really stuffed up but don't have a water phobia. For me, just having that water going into my nose makes me feel panicky. Guess that's something I have to work through.
So with that and the congestion/infection, it's going to be a little more difficult.

But . . . would you tell me what you think about this:
Another poster somewhere here said that when she did the irrigating, it gave her a horrible earache and pain that lasted for awhile. And I also read that someone said that when you flush all the bacteria and stuff, if it doesn't come out the nose, it can be pushed into the ear canals and even into the lungs and THAT just freaked me out, because I definitely do not want to create additional problems. [img][/img]

So . . . if I set it on low and use it for just a few seconds at a time, would it be pretty unlikely that it would go into the ear/throat? Seems logical.

I'm actually very, very nervous about doing this, but you advocate this as such a good thing for sinuses, and I really want it to work.

(By the way, I think somewhere else on the boards, you said that you're 45 - is that right? The reason I ask is because I'd like to know if you've dealt with sinus problems, infections, etc. for a long time.)

Thanks again! :)
[quote]Originally posted by Chrislynn:
[b]Can either of you, please tell me how much this nasal irrigation kit costs? I am interested in trying this out. I am currently irrigating with the netipot and not noticing too much of a difference. Thanks. [/b][/quote]

Hi there Chrislynn, how are you? :wave:
I saw some of your posts on the boards. I believe you're kind of frustrated that so few people reply to posts? I know what you mean. I've only recently joined, and posted a few times, but don't always get direct responses.

I'll be happy to tell you a few things about irrigation. n7ynk has posted about nasal irrigation and is extremely enthusiastic about this method. He says it has helped him and really advocates the use. He uses the nasaline syringe and apparently is very happy with that method. After reading his posts, I got very enthused about trying it. So I researched the web, and most articles point to the Grossan method. Everything I read says that it's safe and very effective. Not finding the nasaline syringe locally, I did purchase the Grossan tip ($20) at a med supply store, and a water pik at Target. Yesterday, I gave it a try, but as someone who is highly anxiety-oriented, it wasn't very easy because the water going into my nose makes me feel panicky. I've been posting to n7ynk for more exact details.

This is what I've done: I mixed warm bottled water, salt, baking soda solution, set the unit on the lowest setting, placed the tip into the nostril and turned the unit to ON. The water starts to flow up into the nose; ideally, it's supposed to run through to the other side and out the other nostril. I have (supposedly) a deviated septum and have had chronic sinusitis for many years, most recently tests show a sinus infection (that has not been relieved by two rounds of antibiotics) - so all that combined with my fear/anxiety about using the irrigation is making it more difficult for me to use it than it might be for some. n7ynk said to take it very slowly and that it's good even if only one or two drops come out the other side. I tried again this evening and after a couple of "flushes" I could feel some very slight moisture in the other nostril. I will try again tomorrow. I'm just confused about how long to let the water flow into one side because it starts to kind of sting and gives me the feeling that it's going to fill up and so I panic and remove the tip and the water runs back out. It's a weird process, but n7ynk and so many other users say it's been great. I've read that some people use the Neti pot (don't think I could use that), some use a straw (whoa! - no way!), and the Grossan. What I read about the Grossan is that it delivers the solution at a rate that's supposed to more effectively increase the ciliary function. But as I say, n7ynk is happy with the syringe method.

I DO have a concern: another poster said that she used it and got a really bad earache and pain, and also someone brought up that it can force the loosened bacteria into the ear canals and/or lungs - and that's something I definitely don't want to do, so I asked n7 about it; haven't gotten a reply yet. I would like to discuss this topic with others who've used it, especially someone who has high anxiety issues.

Have you chronic sinus problems? Anxiety?
Feel free to talk [img][/img] anytime if you'd like - perhaps we can offer each other some productive feedback.

Peace ~

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