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I want you to know that I get about 1-2 sinus infections a year (usually about this time of the year). I can't tell you how excited I was to read about a method that not only lessens the likelihood of an infection taking hold, but also relieving some allergies.

I went home last night, brought the ingredients up to the master bedroom and mixed the sea salt, baking soda, and water. As I poured the elixir into the water pick reservoir, I power up the machine. As I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before I took the plunge, I said, "it's for the best..." and placed the special end to the base of my nostril.

The Paramedics were able to revive me only because my wife heard the shrill from the bathroom and called them immediately. Kidding... I must say that the sensation of water going up my nose and the intense discomfort is like the sensation of swimming in the ocean..... and a wave hits you head-on while you are looking at the sky.. It hurt! not a little bit, a lot.... Once my eye's stopped watering, I filled the other nostril. I wanted to make sure that all areas of my sinuses were thoroughly flushed of the bugs...

I went to bed last night, and awoke this morning with a full-blown sinus infection!!! It's almost as if the whole irrigation thing took the few bugs that may have been in my sinuses and spread them around to all the sinus areas. I am not happy.

Has this ever happened to anyone else out there? Has nasal irrigation ever made ones allergies or sinus infections worse?
I have had chronic sinusitis for years, have had more infections, and like you, was really happy to learn about the irrigation. It took a couple of days for me to get the nerve, but once I did, the solution flowed through, and while it is a very weird feeling, it's kind of refreshing. Yesterday, not to be gross, but it started to loosen some gunk because a little more than just water came out (sorry!), but my point is that it will loosen things up.

I do believe that you have to get the mixture just right or it will cause burning, stinging, or worse irritation. I had a tiny bit of bleeding this am, and haven't irrigated today, but think I'll try it again.

If you're using the waterpik, set it on the lowest setting and leave the tip in only for as long as it's comfortable - if you feel the solution going into your throat or there is pain, turn it off. If you're using the syringe method, n7ynk is the best to advise on that. I use about 16 ounces of bottled water - I boil about half and let it only slightly cool, and then add the other half of room temp water, to make a comfortably warm mixture. I add 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp baking soda and mix. Some use more, but that may be easier after you've used it awhile; I wouldn't ever use too much salt because it seems it might cause irritation.

I had reservations about doing this, and even though n7ynk is very enthusiastic, everyone's situation is different, so the results may depend on that. But I did research this thoroughly before starting it and everything I read about the Grossan irrigation method said it is safe and very effective - people rave about it, it's been featured on tv and in national magazines, etc. So that, plus the fact that I deal with chronic sinus problems, made me want to give it a fair try.

When you have sinus issues and get infections, you're eager to find something that will make you feel better. But I think every person has to make their own decision about whether or not to try something new.

Peace ~

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