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Well, I am very sensative to all meds, ever since a few yrs ago. No clue why. I was expecting a reaction, but I was sorry a few hours after I took it. Especially because I was thinking...Dear God, I have to feel this way for 24 hours??? Since the weird, wiry, crzy stuff didn't start until after an hour or so, that will hopefully give me time to fall asleep! Hopefully I will not wake up in an hour! lol...The antihistime does make you tired at first, so maybe that will help. It has been about 8 1/2 hours now..and my nose is running like crazy! (That is a good thing, bc my nose and head, etc. is always stuffed up and congested.) So I am grateful for a runny nose for once. It means it is loose! Yay!! It would be so wonderful to wake up tomorrow morning and feel clear. (This stuff is not supposed to wear off for 24 I should be good now until 2pm used to be afraid to take Psudephrine (anxiety) and I started taking 15mg maybe 3 or 4 times a day. I think that since the Claritin-D is releasing 10mg an hour after about 3/4 hours it had released 30/40 mg which was probably a shock to my sytem. I guess after a few hours my body got used to it. Which is very cool! I am gonna try sticking with this, bc I have been sick for over a yr. And I don't have the itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing allergies. I have the stuffy, congested, sinus, ear, can't breath and have "brain fog" allergies. LOL. I may feel good for a few hours a day and that's it. I have gotten so depressed from it. All the congestion and ear cloggs cause balance and dizzy problems. I am getting ready to go to Cosmotolgy school and I will be standing alot. I tried awhile back taking just regular claritin, but that didn't do anything at all. And I tried taking Benadryl but it made me soooo tired. I am not working right now, so I am self medicating. med insurance. Well, I am glad to know that I am not alone in my weird symptoms here...and I hope it gets better!! For all of us!

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