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I recently moved house a few months ago- and since moving, I have started getting a lot of mosquito/insect looking bites on my legs- and as a result my legs are REALLY gross. It usually happens while i'm sleeping in bed- not every night, but at least once a week. (sometimes 4 or 5 appear overnight) I've never experienced this before.

Initially i thought it was just insect bites- they are red and bit swollen and itchy. But i've been spraying my room, the house with insecticides and it doesn't seem to work.

Could this be an allergy of some sort?Hives? I'm pretty stressed -could this be the cause? I'm the only one in the house getting these weird bites!
Please help
Hi Everyone,
Thankful to find this thread. I have read from the beginning. This is the exact thing happening to just me (two others live in my apartment).
This first started in spring & continues today except whatever it is, is affected by the cold weather plus freezing rain & low temps. here in Oregon. So on these days I am much more comfortable.
I went through the whole routine. Flea sprays, powders, apt. professionally sprayed covered everything & moved out for a day. This all lasted at the longest three weeks. Then they returned, I say they cuz Im not sure either what the ---- they are. Heres the wierd part I live on the third or top floor of an apartment bld. Three flights up! The only pets I have are a cockatiel & a parakeet. Jay Bird & Barney. Great friends!
They strike my legs and make small itchie bumps usually not much higher then waist. They do not like Deet or Avon Skin soft bug repellant. Thank God. Vacuuming helps for about a day. They also live in my clothes i think. In clean sox drawer?? When i put on clean sox in morning i can really feel them. A tickeling sensation then it starts to burn & itch right away. The only thing i see are small black dots on legs??
Any advise, ideas appreciated,

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