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[QUOTE=flower75]Well count me in. I also have OAS. I had never gone to the doc for it just mentioned it once while being seen for some other allergy related thing. But doc didnt seem to know what it was. Said maybe acid reflux! Duh. Anyhow I hit the big 30 and want to start eating better. I thought since I can eat the fruit and Vegetables cooked then it must not be an allergy and maybe there was some cure or magic pill I could take. I found what was wrong with me from doing some internet research. I can remember it started when I was maybe 8-9 yrs old. My dad brought home some nuts in the shell at x-mas time and I cracked some open and thats when it all started. I can eat peanuts and cashews.They dont bother. But not walnuts and a few others im not sure of there names. Then it started with watermelon. and went from there to the point were if its fresh I cant eat it. I get an itchy throat and ears. I get a pain down my throat to my stomach. And my throat gets all flemmy. Gross. It last for an hour or so depending on how much I eat. But I try not to eat any of it. Lettuce doesnt bother me if its on a sandwich from a fast food place or like on a hamburger. But if its on a sandwich from Subway it bothers me. I have nasty allergys. I had the poke test done on my arms for allergys last year and I think 28 out of 32 things swelled up. Cat was the worse of all them. I didnt ask this doc about the food allergy I was seeing him for sinus problems and forgot to ask him darn it!So no fresh fruits or Vegetables and no cats. bummer.. And I have never came across anyone who has this problem. One more thing..when I eat apples I'll get 1 or 2 big blisters on my lips and when I was little (when you didnt know any better about eating raw eggs) It would bother me if I licked the spoon after my mom made a cake or something .Not sure if it was the eggs or what not but raw cookie dough and cake batter also get to me!!! I just want to be normal![/QUOTE]

I have severe food allergies, and when I go to Subway I ask the server to use new gloves, remember they touch all kind of food while preparing sandwiches. My worst allery is for tomatoes. Last weekend after washing dishes I got all itchy and swollen and did not know why. Thinking of everything I had eaten or done that day, I remember that I washed a dish with spagetti sauce. So now I have gotten that worse, that I can not even touch tomatoes. And this is after 3 years of getting allery shots.

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