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I actually have always had sinus problems, but I when I went to the doectors about a year ago, he flushed my ears with a water irrigator. He must have done it with too much water pressure and I have never been right since. My right ear always feels blocked up. It messed up my balance and I am always sick. I tried quitting smoking a few times and I am trying again now. That does seem to help. Has anyone else on here with sinus/ear problems feel like they are sick all the time? I may have about 2 good days in a row, and then it is always something. Been to the ENT, he said everything looks ok. Been to the allergist, and I do have allergies, but cannot take any allergy meds. To sensative to the side effects. My problem has never been itchy watery eyes or sneezing though. Just congestion and stuffiness, dizziness. Right now I can feel the pressure in my right ear. It feels someone is pulling my ear down. It's fun trying to walk too! Feels like I am floating or like my foot is not going to connect with the ground. Ugh. It's awful. And then when it does decide it wants to drain out all at once I will be throwing up from all the mucous. Anyone have any advice? Dr's are not an option now, but it has not changed since I had last seen a dr. I am out of work right now (layoff) so now med. ins. Symptoms include:
Being stuffed up (especially on one side, alternate)
Congestion in head and sometimes chest
Pressure or fullness in ear
Vomiting (from mucous drainage..I think!)
Spacy, lightheaded feeling
Crackling in ears

I prefer natural home remedies. Antibiotics have not helped. And I can't take any OTC stuff. Thanks in advance for your advice!!

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