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What I have going is a combination of an itchy skin thing (on sides of feet, one eyebrow, both thumbs and just below my ear on one side) along with the whole labyrinthitis deal (blocked ears, spacey feeling, etc.)!!!! I am wondering if the two are weirdly connected.....either by some type of fungus (oh, I also have a toenail fungus on both big toes)! I really feel that somehow all of this is connected. I went to the doctor in February with the dizziness thing and he diagnosed it as a middle ear thing...gave me Omnicef which helped for a short time...but then it came back. The itching thing I have had for literally years! It seems to get better in the summer. I have always had sinus trouble....when I was a very little girl I used to have my sinuses mechanically drained by an ear, nose and throat specialist in New York City. I remember that noisy machine....the fluid being forced up one nostril and coming out the other....and you know, I never felt better than after one of those treatments.
I took allergy shots about 30 years ago too.
I am at my wits end with all these symptoms. I will probably have to break down and see an allergist to start to determine what the heck is wrong with me. Maybe it's stress [img][/img] ! Everyone likes to blame stress for causing all kinds of things right!!

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