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Hello everyone :-)

A few years ago I started developing an allergy to shampoos & the kind of hairproducts sold at salons. It has become pretty bad over the years, and if I use the wrong shampoo my head itches so bad I'll scratch it till it bleeds, my neck & backside is red & itchy.

Shampoos that don't seem to affect me are Herbal Essence, Fruktis & generally the kind of shampoos I buy at the natural health store (the herb shampoos).

I was wondering if anybody knows what exactly it is in the shampoos that triggers allergies like that? What's in Pantene & even Dove (which is a mild shampoo & I thought that one would be fine but it still brought an allergic reaction out) that's NOT in Herbal Essence?

I don't know if anybody knows the answer, but I figured I could ask in case someone with this same allergy knew exactly what to look for on the shampoo bottles. I'm tired of buying new shampoos just to find out I can't use them (altho now I only buy Herbal Essence & herbal shampoos)

Thanks for any insight :-)

I had a friend in college who had shampoo allergies. Something about the form of vitamin C they add to most of them. She was able to use Infusium products without having a reaction.

There are several brands out there designed for people who have scalp allergies triggered by shampoos. J.R. Liggetts is a bar shampoo that's completely natural that you may be able to find at a health store.

There's also a product called Quorum that's designed for scalp allergy sufferers, but it may only be in Canada.
Several weeks ago I broke out in hives on my head,forehead and back of neck.I also had an itchy rash on other areas of my body.I went to the dr. and was told that it was most likely an allergic reaction to my shampoo even though I had been using it for years.It was in a larger bottle and the packaging was a little different.I have never had anything like this happen before.

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