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I was wondering if there are different forms of sore throats. I have this persistent sore throat just around my uvula, you know that thing that hangs in your mouth. It comes and go and I blame it to the throat clearing due to plegm. It helps a lot when I eat or drink something, the pain goes away. Is this a sore throat due to throat-clearing?
Next, I am having a CT scan tomorrow for my sinuses. I talked about allergies with my GP. I explained him that every morning I had very sticky mucus(yellow-brown) in my throat and that it smelled very bad. When it would be cold, there would be some blood in.(but I have many nosebleeds too). The rest of the day my PND would be white. Jyst once a day very sticky and colored.
He said that color always means an infection. He talked about "enclosed meningitis" which could only be shown with CT.
Any ideas?

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