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Wow, every day I see more people complaining about PND. I hardly no anyone around my area who has it, except for my mom. My b/f has never had it! What a lucky duck. :)

Well, I do have it and it is running my life! I have had it for 1.5 years. It used to come for 3 weeks and leave for 2 months now for the past 3 mos. it has been going strong 24/7.

I understand about the nausea, I experience that quite often. I have found that drinking lots of water, also green tea helps me. Keeping something in my stomach throughout the day such as crackers or bread helps the nausea too. I also agree that ginger tea is excellent as well. Also try to cough up the stuff as often as possible to prevent it from getting to your stomach.

I have used Allegra, Claritin, Clarinex Zyrtec, (these pricey drugs did nothing!) Benadryl was the most effective for about 6 months and then it stopped working.

Forget the nasal sprays, they do more damage than good. They temporarily shrink the nasal lining covering your turbinates (turbinates are large scrolls of bone on the side walls of your nose. The turbinate bone is covered w/ a pink nasal lining w/ many large blood vessels). The nasal sprays temporarily shrink the blood vessels in your turbinates, so you can breathe better through your nose for the time being, then eventually the turbinates swell up and are worse than before. However, I never got relief from nasal sprays at all (I specifically used Rhinocort).

I am trying out some herbal supplements to try to alleviate the PND. Specifically Eyebright. I also read that Barley Green and Colloidal Silver may help the PND but I have taken the silver with no results, I may be trying the Barley Green soon.

I also use a neti pot with a baking soda/salt solution with no real results either. It does feel good to clean your nasal passages out though.

Sorry about the long post- But I feel as though I can write a book about PND! :)

[This message has been edited by Chrislynn (edited 10-04-2003).]

[This message has been edited by Chrislynn (edited 10-04-2003).]

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