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hi all--I posted this originally in eye and vision but upon a second thought, felt it may be better with allergies. I am 25 years old and have been healthy up till this May. I started having really bad eye problems which I initally thought were contact lense related. Everytime I took my lenses out, I had severe red rings all around my eyeball and my eyes were itchy and red for months. Then a few months later I started getting really bad headaches-which seem to be alleviated by allegra and a nosespray because my dr. attributed the headaches to sinus pressure over my eyes. Patanol hasn't helped my eyes much,
so, the point of my long ramble is do you think my contact wearing problems are due to allergies or is it possible to have an allergy to contact lense materials?
I have yet to go to an allergist b.c my physician thinks I just have really bad sinus pressure..but my eyes are always itchy and red (although I have more severe bouts after attempting to wear my contact lenses). I have been to 5 different opthamologists who are all puzzled because internally my eyes seem fine.
I've never had these problems before, so just wondering is anyone else has experienced this weirdness..

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