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Re: Brain Fog?
Jan 10, 2004
There might be several things going on here.

The frequent urination could be related to either

1. Benign prostate enlargement (virtually every guy goes through this, but often later in life). There are drugs to treat it. The drugs are called "beta blockers", one is called Flomax.
2. Chronic Prostatitis: an inflammation of the prostate and urethra. No one knows what causes it. Some think bacteria -but I disagree. This can also be treated with Flomax, but you can take supplements as well. I take Algonot Plus, and Prosta-Q. I've had really good luck with these.
3. Interstitial Cystitis: this is an inflammation of the bladder region. Some think this is the same disorder as CP, and I agree. It is most likely an auto-immune disorder, that creates problems in the Mast cells. This is what I suffer from (and it mostly affects women -my sister has it).

Talk to you General Practitioner about this. Also, quit caffeine and cut down on the alcohol -they just make it worse. I haven't had caffeine in a year.

I have many of the same head issues that you do. I'm going to see a ENT on Monday. I suspect that fluid is draining from my nose into the Eustachan tubes of my ears, causing lightheadedness and fogginess. I have the excessive ear cracking, and even jaw cracking.

Viruses can cause chills, night sweats, etc. You may have a viral sinus infection.

I do have one question for you. When this all started, did you develop puffiness in the eyes. Black circles underneath? I did.

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