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Re: Brain Fog?
Jan 8, 2004
Sometimes antibiotics are not prescribed strong enough or for a long enough period of time or both to kill off a persistant infection so it recurs and can return with a vengeance. It has to be watched. That happened to me & a friend of mine who had recurring sinus infections. He was prescribed a strong antibiotic for about a month. He lost his sense of smell. His CT showed damage in that area. I suspected that happened from him charging batteries w/o proper ventilation and his refusal to go to a doctor for treatment. He had a nurse (friend) provide him with antibiotics when he had a self diagnosed sinus infection I pushed him to go to an ent and he went (a miracle). Why the heck are you farting around with this? In any case, the doctor said the damage could be result of the battery charging or that he didnít take strong enough antibiotics for long enough. After taking these medications for a month the sinus infection never returned.

It's happened to me more then once (I go to the doctor). The mastoid air cells and semicircular canals can and do get congested and infected (inner ear infection). That can be seen on a CT and still be passed over radiographically. Imbalance in these canals can cause vertigo (dizzy) in addition to other ear symptoms as well as vision disturbance (vision and hearing nerves run close together in the canal). When the fluid levels in the canals is not quite right it can affect these divisions. Vision temporarily (room spins, poor balance and coordination etc) is another part of vertigo. When I had a bad case of that my neuro gave me a medication for it. Sometimes MD's do not refer a pt to a specialist when perhaps they should. Inner ear infections are not always easily detected. The ENT can (at minimum) have a hearing test administered & ear pressure tested via; tempanogram (sp).

When I have pnd, congestion, head fog (the duh-zone) and sneezing I take suda*ed or acti*ed (an antihistimine) & drink more fluids then I normally would. It's good to read up on these topics. I found some useful recommendations that were simple to do at home. I often wondered why it would seem the simple attempts at remedy that cost little to nothing were not suggested. I guess pharmacologic is the medical standard for treatment. An ounce of prevention is worth more then a pound of maneur. If fever accompanies this-it needs to be addressed by the doctor.

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