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Hello everyone. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back. Holiday's and all. Just a general bad mood from all this nasal junk as well. I'm sure you all can relate.

Well, as you may have read in my last couple of posts, I have been going to acupuncture along with my doctor treating me with nasal sprays and various oral meds. He insisted I see an allergist so I did that just a couple of weeks ago.

The allergist thinks these symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis will eventually subside, since it was originally brought on by a virus over 4 months ago. OK, how much longer is this going to take!?!

He talked with me for quite awhile (the first doctor to actually do so) and then did an examination. He noticed that my nasal passages were completely swollen, red, raw and basically burned. He contributed it to the many medicated nasal sprays they have been treating me with for months now along with breathing in too much steam (!) to clear my sinuses. I always that was a good thing. He has a different opinion.

Unfortunately, these sprays have not seemed to help me at all and now have damaged my sinuses even more. So, he put me on an oral steroid for almost two weeks to take down the swelling (side effects not fun!!!) and insisted that I completely stop all nasal sprays and suspend my acupuncture treatments for at least a few weeks. Well, now I am having a complete rebound effect from the nasal sprays. My nose has gotten so dry it actually hurts to breath at times and I ocasionally get nose bleads. I'm supposed to moisturize my sinuses with a product called "Simply Saline" which is not all that bad. On top of that, since my nose has dried up from the rebound effect, the post nasal has increased ten fold this week. It's awful! I feel like I'm choking and you all know it leaves the worst taste in your mouth.

The allergist, along with my regular doctor, said this is completley normal and it will take at least a month to get rid of the rebound effect. It will then take another couple of months for the tissue in my nose/sinuses to grow back and recover from the "thermal burning" (whatever that is). In the meantime, I feel worse off than I was before.

I am going to start back with acupuncture treatments in the next couple of weeks, so I will keep you all posted. Unfortunately, I think the acupunturist is going to have to re-examine and start all over again, which means the previous treatments I have had, along with the lapse in time in between, probably mean nothing at this point. That's OK, I am willing to start treatments over and will try anything at this point.

MrsLee - I know acupunture is expensive, but have you checked out an eastern medicine university clinic? That's where I go. They have interns that perform the service for you that are under doctor supervison and have been studying for 4 or 5 years. So they are definitely competent. It also generally brings the cost down to about $15 - $25 per session which is not too bad. I will keep you updated when I start treament again.

Apologies for the long post. Thanks for listening to me about my messed up rhinitis! Would love other suggestions from people who have them!


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