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SO the doctor can to look at my sinuses and see if they are really raw, red and swollen?

When you say sinuses, you don;t mean throat, do you?
your quote" Have you had any tests run by an allergist to see if you have developed an allergic reaction to anything?"

Can they do this, I thought that the only thing they can test for is stuff like pollen, pet dander, -- I just feel like this disease(I feel like calling it a disease because of the way it brings me down")
is deeper than the stuff an allergist can test for---only because of the outstanding health that I have been in all of my life.

Also, It seems like if I put stuff (products) in my hair, (hairspray, gel, shampoo) that it just penetrates my scalp and 'seeps' into my brain, eyes and throat.
That sounds really wierd. (Its not rubbing alcohol, only hairspray) but it just feels this way.

I am going back to my physician tommorrow, you don't know how much I appreciate you responding to my post, I have been checking this board over and over.

What you said about "he's always sick"---that is the exact same way at my work.

Please keep me posted, it seems like you are the only one who has the same nose symptoms that I have, everyone else's is 'runny' or 'clogged', mine just feels like I am inhaling 'vapors' all day long.

my email address is [COLOR=Red][removed][/COLOR]
Look forward to hearing from you plus anyone else in this world

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