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Bothrops: Strangley as this may sound, I just made up my mind that I didn't want to feel sick anymore. I have smoked off and on since I was 13 (I'm 21 now). Many times I have quit, then allowed myself to have an ocassional cigarette or cigar, only start again. This last time I was trying to slow my smoking to a couple a day. Once I did this, I noticed that as soon as I lit up, I got a terrible headache and my nose stuffed up even worse. This went on for a couple days, then I finally just made up my mind that I don't want these headaches anymore. Now my ears pop less and my head is less stuffy. I like to feel better, and I just keep telling myself it's not worth it.

I think the thing I like best about smoking is the physical action of puffing and inhaling. It gives me something to do (I am very figety). Chewing gum or mints helps. I helps to figure out when you like to smoke the most, then that will help you learn how to stop. For me, I would smoke the most while driving. I am so used to multi-tasking that I get bored while driving. I just discovered that listening to books on CD while driving helps take my mind off smoking (while still paying attention to the road). I also like to smoke while drinking. I haven't found a great way to deal with this yet, except to stay away from the bar. (I have been avoiding bars anyway, as the loud music and smoke bother my eyes, head and ears) It helps if you are around people who are not smoking.

Try to look for other advantages to quiting. I didn't see where you are from, but here it gets really cold in the winter. I quit just in time to avoid freezing my fingers off smoking outside. And what about the cost? $4 a pack is absolutely ridiculous. I am trying so hard to save money, yet throwing money down the drain on something that makes me sick. Doesn't make any sense.

There is an entire board on this website called smoking cessation I believe. Maybe you could find some useful info there. This is just how I am doing it. There are plenty of other ways to stop, and some people need to do it in other ways than I have. In my case, I really believe it is mind over matter. We'll have to see how I do this weekend though, as I will be spending some time at the bar for a fundraiser. Anyways, I hope this helps and I wish you the very best of luck!

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