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I agree, everyone is different. I am curious to see if your process is similar to mine. I have read many posts where people get water in their nose and it comes out the same nostril kind of like snorting it. But they do not flush it from one side out the other.
-The netti bowl, is that a netti pot? That is the ancient approach which I am thinking of trying. I ordered a CD that shows all the stages of Jala Neti.
-They say 1 teaspoon to 2 cups of water or 1/2 litre of water. I then add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.
-My sea salt is all natural with no anti caking ingredients or dextrose (sugar). I felt a big differnece when I went all natural, no bleaching, processing, etc.
-I filter my water then boil it to kill all bacteria, I think that has helped.
Now that I know this process is called Jala Neti, a form of Yoga called Hatha- cleansing of the nose/sinuses, I have read about the 3 stages. I have done stage 1 without knowing what it was. After 7 months of stage 1 I am now doing stage 1 & 2 in the morning and during stage 2 is when dark junk comes out. I still do stage 1 at night before I go to bed. Lastly, the drying of the nose is important. Below talks about how to do it.
[url][/url] Here is info on this process, it goes into great detail how to do it, what precautions to take etc.
Happy irrigating everyone. :p
[QUOTE=lhacker]I am like you, I think one individual must be getting a kick back for the way he pushes the nasal irrigation. It didn't help me at all. My problem is multiple Chemical sensativities and anything I push spray or squirt up my nose only irritates the membranes worse.[/QUOTE]
...I wonder what is irritaing your membranes? Mine have only been irritated when I used too much salt or too little, and the water was too hot. And once when I used water from an RV that had harmless anti-freeze in it. That sucked. The irritation could be from a massive sinus infection. "Beerzoids" has a way to solve that see his posts.

No kick back here. I swear by my irrigator and only want others to gain from the benefit. The thought of people needlessly suffering bothers me, so I am trying to help out. My friends at work all have gained from using this, we laugh as some people after you tell them about this process look at you like you are a green bug or something. :D
I believe in nasal cleansing big time. My sister has taken 6 months to see results with hives. But it is still too early still to say, I will let her be the judge of what her body is telling her. I can only say what it has done for me and my friends. For me, life is great again. I can go on and on, but I know this will not benefit everyone, but part of me also wonders what someone might be doing wrong or incorrect not to get the releif that many have experienced. If some how I could say no, not like that, like this. Ask questions like "Are you using meds now?"
...Prior to irrigating I could not be near open bottle of finger nail polish or near a pool as the chlorine bothered me. The polish freaked me out, irritability big time, sneezing, runny nose. My stomach rash has disappeared (I had this for 10 years), no flushing of the face, no irritability, no uncontrolled sneezing during the day or snuffiness, and almost the best part is I can eat dairy, chicken and drink coffee again without a full blown attack. No allergy medication since May 03. I have been sick twice during this time but only a fever and nausea. No chest congestion or sinus infections. What do I have to do instead. I irrigate using the concept of Jala neti stage 1 and 2 in the morning, then stage 1 before I go to bed. I always irrigate after exposure like mowing the grass, raking leaves, or cutting wood. It is well worth it.
I do not advocate a product, I think the key is flushing with 1 cup of salt water for each side of the nose. Not just squirting or snorting it in your nose and letting it come back out. The Neti Pot is the ancient way, I happen to use a 100cc & 140CC syringe some folks use electric irrigators. People who do anything less than irrigating from one nostril out the other will not get near the benefits. I could not imagine how.
[url][/url] Have you read this phamplet? I challenge you to read it and practice stage 1 & 2 for 6 months. Everyday! Practice Jala Neti stages 1 and 2 and drying the nose. I add the baking soda. They say it helps break up the phelgm but I am not sure how it affects irritability, but for me it does.
I did stage 1 for 7 months, now I just started stage 2 of Jala Neti and it has been 1 week now. It is super fantastic! :bouncing: Everday I get junk out. I wonder where it is coming from! After \1 week my nose is so much clearer & I have been doing stage 1 for 7 months.
This is what I do:
use 2 cups of filtered & boiled tap water
mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt. I use sea salt that is all natural, no dextrose (sugar) or anti-caking additives
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (fresh- allergist recommended)
heat the water in the microwave to body temperature
I do this for stage 1 then prepare again for stage 2. A total of 4 cups of water. Then practice the drying process described in the "PDF" above.
...NOTE: Stay away from saline sprays that have Benzalkonium Chloride as an additive. I have read they damege the cilia in the nose.
I can only hope you find something that you are not quite doing right and this works for you. I hope your comments do not stop other people from trying is great....& I feel great! Happy irrigating David :p

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