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About 6 months ago I woke up in the morning and my face and lips and eyes were all swollen up and painful. I went to Emergency and they said that I was having an allergic reaction to Altace (blood pressure med). Well I was on that med for 3 months. Why now? Then the next day, it was worse. I ended up at another emergency room it got even worse. They said the same thing and sent me home. I ended up waiting for the swelling to go down (took about 8 days). Steroids didn't work either.
Well, it happened again I woke up with it yesterday and went to the dr.'s.
She said I have angioedema. I looked it up on the net and from what I read I have the "rare" kind. She sent me home with 2 shots (didn't work) and a scripts for prednisone. I'm still swelled up and talk funny. I know to watch about my breathing from the swelling. Anyone else have this?
I have had chronic urtecaria and agioedema for 8 months now and no Dr. can find the cause. I have been to the hosp. 4 times, and they told me to not take any asprin, tylenol, or ibuiprofin, that they caused the angioedema to flare up. However, on occassion, my lips especially and sometimes my eyes will swell for no reason and last for 2 days or so.
The steriods (prednisone, etc. ) didn't help me, so now The doc gives me Adrenaline shots which really help, but make me want to fight. The swelling goes down much more quickly with the adrenaline.
I am so frustrated, as there is nothing worse than going to work looking like a freak, and I can't miss any more because of it. And those that don't have it, don't understand.

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