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[QUOTE=oncidium]No blood, just some green mucus.[/QUOTE]

The good old green or yellow mucus. Even after my sinus infection was destroyed by the peroxide and baking soda, I still had yellow mucus for months until my sinuses healed. As long as the sinuses are irritated, raw or damaged, you'll get the discolored mucus, in my opinion.

[QUOTE]I do still have the sensation...not really an odor. Sort of feels like a menthol feeling a little sting...a little like sino fresh if you have ever used that..."cool mint solution" Also increased clear mucus production for the last hour.[/QUOTE]

The purpose for the "upside down sinus flooding" is to get the anti-infective mixture deep into the swollen sinus cavities, so that it can kill the infection. The mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is very powerful.

If the mixture can't get to the infected area(s) within the sinuses, it can't do it's job. Sometimes it is necessary to use a decongestant or nasal spray, along with the "sinus flooding", so that the peroxide can get deep into the sinus cavitites.

When I first started "sinus flooding", I stayed down an extra long time, because my sinuses were totally closed and painful. I couldn't sleep at night. The blockage wouldn't go from one side of my nose to the other, because both sides were swollen shut, all day long.

The "upside down sinus flooding" worked, but it took three long days of hell before my sinuses opened up. I had also used a much stronger mixture of one part peroxide to three parts water, so I was suffering from using too powerful mixture of peroxide.

Could you provide feedbacks on how well you do, and if you try the "sinus flooding" again?

Best of health and luck for 2004!

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