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I went and got what you were asking for , it was on the first page of the thread
here it is.

No more chronic sinus infections!!! After decades of swollen, stuffed-up sinuses, thick yellow gunk, and miserable infections, I finally have the condition under control. I feel great!

I have found a simple, inexpensive method of irrigation that effectively treats my sinuses and either prevents or heals my sinus infections.


My sinuses first get stuffy, and then I feel like I am getting a cold. Over the next few days my sinuses start closing up, and getting more congested. I get a thick yellow discharge. This condition has either led to an infection, or continued to give me misery for long periods of time, so I start a series of ‘upside down’ irrigations, in which I flood my sinuses with a therapeutic mixture.

I've irrigated many times over the past two years. The result-------- I have not had to use antibiotics in the past two years, and I have not had an untreatable infection. Every time I feel like my sinuses might be infecting, I irrigate. The irrigation takes 10 to 15 minutes depending upon how long I want the mixture to seep into my sinuses. Not bad to ward off infections! Every time my sinuses start to ache, I treat them. Junk comes out, and the ache goes away.


I buy a plastic saline nasal spray, for about $3, and empty it. I then fill the empty saline nasal sprayer with a pinch of baking soda, a pinch of salt, 3ml to 5ml of ‘common store bought’ 3% hydrogen peroxide and 50ml filtered water. I never exceed 5ml, of 3% peroxide, to 50ml, of filtered water, or a one to ten dilution of 3% peroxide to water AT MOST!

Mixture: 3ml to 5ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide
Pinch of baking soda.
Pinch of salt.
50ml of filtered water.

Hydrogen peroxide can be very irritating to the sinuses, so I am very careful with the mixture. When I first started experimenting with the sinus irrigation, I used more than 15ml of 3% peroxide, to 50ml of water, and it really burned my sinuses and made my sinuses close up much worse on both sides, and the discomfort lasted for several days. So I never use more than one part of peroxide to 10 parts of water.


Before each irrigation, I place a towel and a tissue nearby. To do the sinus irrigation, I kneel, and place the top front portion, of my head, down onto the floor of my shower and spray the mixture into my sinuses, which are tilted upwards.

I place the top front, of my head, down on the shower floor so that my sinuses are facing somewhat upwards, and so that I don't swallow any of the mixture, and so that the mixture soaks deep into my sinuses. The more clogged my sinuses, the longer I keep my head down on the shower floor, letting the mixture seep deep into my sinuses. I shake the mixture occasionally and make sure that I spray most of it into my "upside down" sinuses. I spray it into both nostrils. When the sinus area fills up, as I spray into one nostril it comes out the other. I keep my head ‘upside down’ on the shower floor for a few minutes after the irrigation in order for the mixture to get deep into my sinuses. I try not to breath thru my nose, especially when my sinuses are flooded. I shake my head and contort my face in order to help work the mixture into the sinuses. I don’t know how much that helps, and it probably makes me look like an idiot, but who cares-----, nobody is watching! A lot of the mixture usually foams out of my sinuses, down my forehead and onto the shower floor. A little messy. I keep my eyes closed so that it doesn't drain into my eyes. ONCE MY SINUSES SEEM TO BE FLOODED, I TRY NOT TO BREATH IN THROUGH MY NOSE. THIS IS TO AVOID SUCKING THE MIXTURE INTO THE EUSTACHIAN TUBES OF MY EARS.

After the irrigation I lift my head, while it's in the shower, and let my sinuses drain into the shower. It can look pretty bloody, foamy and nasty. I then stand up and use the tissue(s) to clean my forehead, of the foam, that seeped out of my sinuses during the irrigation. (This is not something I do in front of a girlfriend, who I am trying to impress.) I don't blow my nose for a few minutes, in order to give the mixture a little longer to do its job. After that, I blow my nose.


Even at 3ml peroxide to 50ml water, it can burn, or sting, somewhat. Most of the time it just burns a little. But sometimes it burns quite a bit (depending upon how sensitive my sinuses are at the time). I just grit my teeth and tolerate the stinging of my sinuses, and after a while the stinging or burning starts getting better. Sometimes the irrigation causes me to sneeze. When I have to sneeze, I lift my head up, so that I will be in a more comfortable position to sneeze. Then, I continue with the irrigation, or prepare for another irrigation if I am not able to flood my sinuses with what is left in the sprayer.

The irrigation usually produces a lot of foam, especially if I use 5ml of Peroxide. Sometimes there is a mix of blood with the foam. Subsequent irrigations might produce very little foam and a lot of bloodish water. I guess it all depends upon the condition of my sinus at the time of the irrigation.

I found that there is no additional discomfort after the irrigation is over, unless I use too much peroxide. Now that my sinuses are doing so well, 5ml of peroxide to 50ml of water hardly irritates my sinuses. The discharge is still foamy, but fairly clear. I feel great!


The Irrigation is not the most pleasant experience, but it isn't too bad, and it works for me. When I first started using this type of irrigation, I gave myself several irrigations within a day, to treat a suspected infection, or to treat very irritated, swollen, or closed sinuses. Then I would repeat the irrigations over the next few days until my sinuses seemed to be responding. Then I would skip a day or two and see if my sinuses continued to do better. The number of irrigations I use is also based on the amount of garbage that needs to be flushed from my sinuses and how my sinuses feel. If the discharge is relatively clean, and my sinuses are not too bad, I limit the number of irrigations. Relatively clean, to me, means that some of the discharge is clear and some might be yellow, but it is not too thick. If my sinuses aren’t too bad, just a couple of irrigations for one or two days seems to improve the functioning of my sinuses and takes away that ‘getting a cold’ feeling.

After a series of irrigations, it still can take a few days for the sinuses to get better, but when they do, I feel great, with wide open and calm sinuses. What a great relief to not have to use antibiotics several times a year! I can now go for months without doing an irrigation, and my sinuses feel great and so do I. I didn’t realize how bad my sinus problems were making the rest of me feel.

The first few times I did this irrigation, the discharge was real nasty, but not any longer. I am guessing that a lot of junk gets stuck up into the sinuses for a long time and that the "soaking, upside down" irrigation helps to loosen most of the junk. A while ago, my sinuses were aching. I did an irrigation, and some weird junk came out and the aching went away. I used to suffer with achy sinuses for days. Now the aching stops after only one irrigation. There is a lot of junk in the air, and the nasal hairs do not keep all the junk out. When it builds up within the sinuses, it can cause discomfort. The irrigation helps to flush it out. The irrigation really works for me!


It is my understanding that some infections can stay dormant in the sinuses for years, becoming ‘active’ infections when certain events activate them, and then going dormant again. Antibiotics never really killed my infections, it just treated the symptoms. To me, that is why my symptoms kept returning several times a year.

I also irrigate after I am around others who have colds, as insurance against getting a cold.

I wanted to share my experiences with other sufferers. Does anyone do a similar type of irrigation, or has anyone found a more effective and less messy method? This seems safe and effective for me, but I have no idea if this type of sinus irrigation would help others, or make their conditions worse. Not being a doctor, I don’t recommend this for anyone unless they check with their doctor first.

If anyone does this type of irrigation, please post your experiences.


To save one life is as if you have saved the world

I hope that is what you wanted

Hogan Grimm

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