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Re: Scabs in nose
Jan 6, 2004
[QUOTE=beerzoids]I don't know if this is similar.

Several years back, I got a hospital resistant infection in my nostrils from an oxygen line that was used on me in an ER. For two years, I had to keep it from spreading into my sinuses and throat, by placing a triple antibiotic cream inside my nose a couple of times per day.

I tried many other things to try and get rid of the infection but none helped. One day I ordered two homeopathic antibacterial ointments. The first one didn't do a thing, but the second one significantly dried out my nostrils, every where I placed it. After using it for just a few days, I stopped, and have never had to use anything else. Apparently, the resistant infection is gone, and has been for years. I figured that the organism that was in my nostrils had never encountered the osteopathic stuff, so it wasn't resistant to it.

Could yours be some type of resistant organism? If so, you might look into homeopathic anti-bacterial creams.

Are you still doing the "upside down sinus flooding"? Is it still helping? Any problems with it?


Thanks for the info. Yes, I'm still doing the irrigating. I think I'm getting over a cold, but my nostrils are still very clear as a result of the irrigating. I am not as fatigued as normal when I have a cold. I know the irrigations are doing wonders. No swelling anymore on my lymph node either! Yay.

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