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Re: Sore Throat
Jan 21, 2004
[QUOTE=Kaye2003]I've had a sore throat for months (worse in the evening), mouth dry and clearing throat alot.[/QUOTE]

From personal experience, if my sore throat is only on the top, back of my throat, then it is related to my sinuses, and usually an allergic reaction.

If the soreness is also on the front of my throat, then I've got an infection, probably in my sinuses and in my throat, and that one of the situations in which I used to take an antibiotic.

When I would get a cold or the flu, which isn't supposed to be treated by antibiotics, I would always wait until the front of my throat got sore, and then I would take antibiotics. This has always worked for me in shortening my misery from a cold or flu.

Now that I'm doing the "upside down sinus flooding" the game has changed and I don't know how I will react to my next cold.
Re: Sore Throat
Jan 22, 2004
When I waas a teenager, I smoked, but I had to quit, because I always developed sore throats.

Do yourself a favor and kick the habit. It's going to cause you nothing but misery.

I actually had to quit drinking, because alcohol irritates the sinuses, causing them to swell.

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