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My symptoms have changed over the last 2 months. here is a recap, and then someone can tell me if they have been through something similar.

Early December
1. Two weeks after recovering from a abd cold, I developed asthmatic symptoms. They came on suddenly, a kind of wheezing. 12 hours later, I developed head-pressure, mild dizziness & lightheadedness. Nose was relativley dry, as was the throat. Initially thought this was a viral ear infection.

Went to my GP. He diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and asthma. Gave me Zyrtec, Nasocort & Advair 250/50.

Early January
1. Asthmatic symptoms largely gone -lungs sound clear.
2. Mild dizziness turns into a chronic lightheadedness, with sinus pressure, mild headaches that "move around" from the top of the forehead, to behind the ears, and around the eyes. Symptoms worse in the morning. Nasal discharge clear.
3. Cloudy vision -usually at night.

1. Tons of nasal discharge -like a river. Especially in the morning. Discharge is sometimes light yellow. Nose is chronically stuffed up, red and swollen, even on the outside.
2. Head pressure 24/7, and some lightheadedness. Mostly on top of the forehead, but also in the ears and around the eyes.
3. Ears crack all the time
4. Symptoms tend to be about 20% better at night.
5. Eyes are red and swollen. Black circles beneath for last 7 weeks.
6. On Tuesday, had bad sore throat, but that seems to have subsided.
7. Went to doctor and got Levaqun (an antibiotic).


My treatment plan has included Zyrtec, Nasocort, Astelin, Advair, Singulair, and now Levaquin (only 3 days in on that). Nasal irrigations.

What a nightmare! I'm starting to really lose it -making threats to quit my job and move to a tropical climate, etc.

So my questions are...

1. Has anyone had symptoms like this?
2. How long did it last?
3. Did you find any treatments worked better than others?
4. Am I looking at a chronic lifelong problem?
5. Does this sound like allergic rhinitis or chronic sinusitis?
6. Has anyone here had immunotherapy through an allergist? Did it work?

thanks for the help -if it wasn't for these boards, I would be in a state of panic right now, because the doctors have told me very little.

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