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I can sympathize.
All my life I've had horrible skin allergies. Very persistent, most of the time didn't respond to medication. This was as a child, kids made fun of me, spread rumors etc..I was really depressed for a while.
2 years ago I started getting ear pain/pressure, found out I had ETD, started on Flonase and things got better, then the Flonase gave me a cold sore so I stopped taking it. My doctor would always tell me my sinuses looked swollen and that's why I had the ear pain.
Fast forward a year later.
I started having hay fever and asthmatic symptoms so I saw a doctor who put me on Advair, Clarinex, & started back on Flonase. The three together worked GREAT for about 6 months(with a few minor flare ups of hay fever & bronchitis once), then with the start of my gymnastics training, I went downhill. I had bronchitis twice, with a very slowly, worsening of my asthma. When I look back on it, it was so slow and subtle I wish I can caught onto it earlier. When my gymnastics season started, I had what seemed like a neverending bronchitis and rashes all over in the mornings. Then one day I had pleurisy & ended up in the ER..had numerous doctor visits over a few weeks, had my first pred burst. Strangely, the day after I ended the pred burst, I started having a nasty cough. A week later, I woke up with a significant fever(102) and an even worse cough. My parents took me immediately to the doctor only to find out I had the flu or pneumonia, but most likely pneumonia. Flu test came back negative and I had pneumonia.
Here's where it got complicated. My dad was recovering from triple bypass surgery at home..and then I was spending a week home from school coughing would wake him up at nite so I took codeine, which made me wheeze. The guilt I got from my parents was HORRIBLE, my mom was taking care of my dad and then me also..I felt so bad. But what could I do??
Had another flare up of my asthma/rashes about a month later, had another pred burst and now I have a nebulizer and Xopenex. Missed about a week this point half my season is gone, gone to my allergy problems...
I never feel completely well. If I go longer than a few hours without food I get dizzy and weak and close to fainting. My ears/sinuses constantly have pressure and pain. I often have a cough/shortness of breath and I have to sleep sitting up at nite or else I feel like i'm gonna hack up a lung. My asthma medications make me nervous and sick..and restless. Pred bursts give me cold sores and make me very sick. I have really bad cramps and pelvic pain a good part of each month..even though I'm on the pill for all that.
And what have the doctors found??
So far I've seen a gyno for the cramps, had an ultrasound which showed a burst cyst. I've got family history of that so of course I get that handed down to me..that and allergy problems=(. I've seen a lung specialist who tried to take me off all my asthma meds and told me I didn't have asthma b/c I was having a good day(haven't had one in sooo long 2!) so my pf numbers were kinda high(but not that high..390). He was rude and didn't take me seriously for a second.
So I'm kind of alone here. My parents are frustrated as we go from doctor to doctor to hospital and back and try this med and that med.
So far I've found that I can feel somewhat good on Advair 250/50, Clarinex, Flonase, Singulair & Yasmin. But I'm ALWAYS getting sick..and no one seems to understand. It's hard when my parents look at me like...what can we do..and they look so sad about it and it kills me, I just want to be well. Next year I have college and I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm only 17! I've got a life to live! I'm trying to find a job..but I don't know what I can do if I'm sick all the time.
I'm definitely ready for some relief.. I feel your pain.
Talk to me sometimes if you want to..I understand I think what your going through.
Hope you find relief soon!

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