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It went well and fast. I am actually recovering pretty well w/hardly any swelling today. My nose is bleeding a lot and there is a lot of the packing coming out little by little, but otherwise I'm ok. My doc did tell me I was going to be a bit dizzy for the next couple fo days and I am, but not as bad as I was before. He said it is from all the packing in my sinus passages and the swelling as well that cause it. He said w/in a few days everything should be feeling better. I am irrigating my nose 2x a day and that is really getting a lot of the stuff out. I am just glad it is over and now I'm waiting for recovery. Oh, and one thing that is odd, my ears are popping a whole lot!!! That started this morning and every time i yawn they pop. It actually feels really good when they do and it doesn't hurt. My ears haven't popped in a long time and have felt blocked. Must have been from the blocked sinus's that cause them to be blocked as well, cause they are feeling pretty good now. So weird!! I'll keep everyone posted in a few days how it is going.


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