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Sorry for being evasive, I just felt so "at home" after seeing so many posts from people who have this stuff! DPU ....DELAYED PRESSURE URTICARIA. We all know that the welps or hives are caused by our bodies producing too much histimine. So here are some examples of my husbands experiences: If he changes a tire, gotta use the tire iron or impact wrench to remove the lug bolts, couple hours later his hands welp up. If he squats down to change the tire, a couple hours later his feet welp up from the pressure of squating down. We have horses, so if he rides two or more days in a row, then he gets welps from the saddle, on his legs, and on his hands from the reins. Also, his face and eyes will begin to swell, and as I said before his breathing is horrible. The only durg that has helped him is Prednisione. Which is a drug of death if taken long term. We have tried every other medication out there and my husband is not one to want to take meds every day for the rest of his life. It seems to take him 2 or 3 days to physically recover from even mild outbreaks, it seems to just do something to his whole system. That is why I was courious as to what was going on with "NAVY" since I had read about him trying to get disability. My husband is a self employeed rancher/farmer more or less and this DELAYED PRESSURE URTICARIA has cost us so much........I believe doctors for the most part
dont want patients cured, they want them to keep comming back and to ask no questions, cause at least with DELAYED PRESSURE URTICARIA, I have found that the doctors don't have answers. I have learned one thing about the way our medical system works and it is this....Being self employeed we do not have insurance. If we go to the doctor we pay the bill, it is always at the time of service, but WE PAY THE BILL..We have asked about having tests run, surely it seems there is some kind of test that should tell something but it doesn't seem necessary. Maybe its for the better because I have read a lot of posts and most usually a doctor can find 'SOMETHING" wrong with everybody if they look hard enough, but nothing ever seems to be associated with the URTICARIA. The funny thing is that the times when we have had insurance and would go to the doctor for the most common ailments, they are always wanting to run tests to milk money out of the insurance companies....OK, sorry about rambling. So, I am basically trying to find out if anyone A.) has severe breathing problems caused by the urticaria, my husband has not had good lung capacity since diagnoised with DELAYED PRESSURE URTICARIA, and it doesn't matter if he has welps or not, if he gets his heart rate up, laughing hard, running, anything really, he can not breath and is reaching for his epi-pen. he has never passed out from lack of air, but it is really scary to watch him gasping for air. The other thing I am looking for is B.) has anybody found that they are disabled due to this and is there any help. We have had lots of people say he should get on disability, but he's not disabled everyday. The rule of thumb with urticaria seems to be some days you can, then other days you can't cause you have to suffer. Some days he might be able to do several things and other days his feet might start swelling just from walking around a while. SO FRUSTRATING. Thanks for your time and response..

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