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Hi Cheryl,

I live in Chicago, and I recently developed terrible sinus problems. If you like, I can recommend some excellent doctors who are experts a treating chronic sinus conditions. Sinus problems are complicated. They basically fall into 3 catagories...

1. Bacterial
2. Structural
3. Allergic

I have all 3. Allergic reactions cause my sinuses to swell, and then my deviated septum (crooked nasal interior) causes the passages to become blocked. Then bacteria can fester in there and cause major problems. The symptoms of chronic Sinusitis are headaches, fatigue, nasal and head pressure, dizziness, pain behind the eyes and in-between, post nasal drip, even coughing and asthma. There are other symptoms as well.

An active bacterial infection is characterized by a fever and discolored discharge from the nose (dark yellow or green). But many times, people who suffer from Sinusitis don't even have a fever, and their discharge is clear.

Antibiotics will treat the bacterial infection, but they won't reduce the swelling, or unblock the sinus cavities. Sometimes, Prednisone is needed to reduce the swelling.

My recommendation for you is to

1. See a specialist (ENT)
2. Get a CT Scan of your sinuses
3. Begin irrigation (using a machine or a spray bottle)

You need to find out if you have structural problems of the nose, that can then be corrected through surgery. I'm most likely going to have surgery for this very soon.

Don't let any doctor tell you "it's just allergies." It is much more than that! It's a serious problem that will continue to get worse unless something is done.

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