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all the people with sinus problems are.. :) I've been looking for the forum for people with sinus problems, but for some odd reason, just "now" looked in allergies..

Now that I've found you.. :wave: I need some help/advice.

First, let me give you a little background. I grew up in Northern Indiana, at age 18 I moved away and spent the next 10 years in tropical climates, and then 7 years ago, got a job and moved to Northern Ill/ Southern Wi.. (I live in one state and work in the other)

After living here for a year, I had my "first ever" sinus infection.. Had me in bed for 3 days with a 104 fever.. I was absolutely miserable..

Now, I've been here for 7 years, and each year, the sinus problems are getting worse.. AND, they only occur from the beginning thru end of winter.

The "getting worse" part is, that at first I just got the headaches, now.. Then, I had the lymph nodes at the back of my neck swelling (causing one heck of a (constant!) neck ache), and then just recently while the back lymphs were swelling, one of the front ones started swelling too..

The doctor told me that the swelling was due to my lymph nodes doing "double-duty". That my sinus's are draining so much that my nodes can't keep up..

and.. "those" are my symptoms.. Headaches, and lymph nodes swelling. I can breath perfectly fine, my nose is not stuffed up.. just constantly draining. During the "transition" periods (pre- and post- winter) I can really feel them draining, which then start me coughing, and of course, this is when I feel the unbearable pain in my head..

I have gone to the doctor(s) several times.. They give me antibiotics, they give me the allergy medicine.. But the allergy medicine isn't doing a darn thing. Are "all" sinus problems allergy related? Do they "have" to be caused by allergies??? The only thing that I know that I am somewhat allergic to is mold.. I get near a mold place, and my nose stuffs up so fast it's unbelievable..

"I" think it's all related to the humidty.. My sinus's have gotten a little better since they fixed the humidifier where I work, but it's still running a little low.. before, we had about a 9% humidity level (norm for the Sahara desert is like 20% humidity!).. It was up to 36%, but now it's dropped back down to about 24%.. and again I am fighting a sinus infection.. (plus the weather is fluxuating very wildly now). I'm trying to hold on, fighting the "wannabe" infection with Alieve Cold N Sinus, but don't know if I can make it.. I had to leave early from work last friday because of my neck swelling..

I've got humidifiers running at home (2).. but I'm at my wits end of what else to do.. I would love to move back down further south, where its warmer and more humid, but that is not an option for me at the moment..

Anyone have any tips or tricks that they can share that can help me with this "humidity" related sinus problem??

(sorry it's so long.. but for the advice I need, I had to tell you everything.. Thanks)


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