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Re: I give up!
Mar 15, 2004
Nasocort actually started giving me vision problems. Apparently, steroids can do this. I didn't get any benefit from the medication as far as my sinusitis goes.

What did work, was Astelin. But only after 3 weeks on the medication. I'd say it gives me about a 20% improvement.

Are you irrigating with a machine? Before I started irrigating, I was dizzy. That symptom has since gone away, but I have other ones. I find it interesting that many people list dizziness as an "early" symptom of chronic sinusitis. Initially, I thought I had an ear infection (vestibular neuritis or labrynthitis). The swelling in the sinus cavities actually puts pressure upon the inner ear and Eustachian tubes.

The weather has a direct bearing on my symptoms, so in that sense, "Arabic medicine" is correct. I think what they mean by "wet" people, are people who suffer from histamine problems (runny noses, bad allergies, excess mucus). I have no sinus problems whatsoever in warm, dry climates. But I don't have the luxery of moving to New Mexico.

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